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Little Jack is rolling and crawling and getting into everything. I've done that babyproofing stuff on the cupboards, on the doors, on the floors, on the carpeting, on the chairs, on the bottom of the settee, everywhere. I'm afraid I missed something and he'll find a nail or ...insect...or something equally as dangerous and gross and put it in his mouth.

So I've been crawling around on the floor with him. Problem solved.




WHY IS MY BABY BURPING UP BUBBLES? Floating bubbles! The kind that float to the ceiling!

Is this some kind of magical thing? ...I haven't been eating soap...

I have a cunning plan

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I'm afraid I don't have a huge selection of children's books to read to Jack, so I've been just reading him any old thing I happen to come across. The cookbook was an interesting afternoon. I just had a question about Muggle versus Wizard books for children. Is there a big difference? I have The Carrot Seed so that he grows up with a green thumb, Make Way for Ducklings so that he learns to love nature, and then some Dr. Seuss because I like the cadence when I read.

Does anybody want to help me out with my book collection? Recommendations, suggestions? It'd be most appreciated.
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wasn't born to walk on water

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I'm starting to see a pattern here. A trend really, in the newspapers. I don't know what it was like before all this violence, I'm new to all of this, but I don't think I can imagine it much differently anyway. You witches and wizards are violent and angry people. I just hope it's not by nature.

My son will be one of you some day.

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My husband and I are in St. Mungos Hospital at the moment. If you were planning on seeing us and Little Jack, I'm sorry to disappoint you. You'll have to wait until next week, when we're more available and less surrounded by healers. I hope everyone is well, despite the gloom that's seemed to settle in the air.